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Carrie Zaruba to Host a New Web Series Called "Encore Razzle Dazzle"!


February 1,2013

Carrie Zaruba's rise to fame continues as she is tapped to be the host of Music City Encore’s “Encore Razzle Dazzle”! After landing a sponsorship with PULP Cosmetics, Carrie’s fashion resume is poised to be as accomplished as her illustrious music career!

In the ongoing web series, Carrie will be followed by a film crew in her search for hidden gems in thrift shops, all over the United States. With her contagious personality and unparalleled fashion sense, this is sure to be an entertaining and educational web series from the average Joe to the fashionista!  The series will stay up to date on Carrie’s musical journey, as well as fashion,  accompanying her to radio interviews and live shows. So whether you’re a fan of Carrie Zaruba or fashion, tune into her YouTube channel to check out “Carrie Zaruba’s Encore Razzle Dazzle”!

Check out the first installation of Carrie's series here!