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February 14,2013

It's extremely appropriate that on Valentine's Day, we're honored to announce that KWP Artists are exhibiting their hearts of gold, to use their musical talents to benefit our beloved city!  Artists Jordan Anderson, Beth Cayhall, and Carrie Zaruba have been selected to participate with "Musicians on Call", a prestigious and noteworthy volunteer organization that has made it their mission to deliver the healing power of music, face-to-face, one-on-on, with children and adults, through in-room performances to patients undergoing treatment or unable to leave their beds.  These artists and musicians add a dose of joy to life in a healthcare facility.

Since 1999,  volunteer musicians have performed for over 350,000 patients and their families.  

In 1999, the Kristen Ann Carr Fund sponsored a concert at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with the help of Michael Solomon and Vivek Tiwary. Nurses carefully transported patients to the hospital’s recreation area, arranging seats and wheelchairs around a temporary stage. IV poles were present throughout the audience, their bags forming a mezzanine audience overhead.

Finally, Kenli Mattus began to perform and something wonderful happened. Feet began to tap and heads nodded to the beat. Smiles formed on patients’ faces and some closed their eyes in revelry. His music was like a melodious breeze moving throughout the room; joyful notes drifted through the air before settling comfortably on the souls of his audience.

It was just what the patients needed, one of the nurses said, and such a shame that some were unable to attend because they were in treatment or too sick to leave their rooms. It was clear that some of the patients who needed music most were unable to go to the concert.

So Mattus brought the concert to them.

He went room to room, along with Michael and Vivek, and played at the bedsides of those who had missed the concert. What happened in the rec room happened on an even deeper and more intimate level. Michael and Vivek knew they had to form an organization that could bring the same inspiration to the bedsides of patients in hospitals everywhere.

And so Musicians On Call was born, right on cue.

Please visit the Musicians on Call website to see how you can help!  Congratulations Jordan, Beth, and Carrie!  We’re so honored to be associated with all three of you, and your beautiful heart for the sick and infirmed of our beloved city!