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"Today's Country" post's a great review of Corey Wagar's "I Hate my Boyfriend"!


October 24,2011

Corey Wagar CDs - Today's Country
Album: I Hate My Boyfriend "Single"
Label: Go Time Records
Contributed By: Scott Sexton

Country newcomer, Corey Wagar has launched her latest single, "I Hate My Boyfriend" with a bang. As soon as it starts, you know this young lady means business from the first chord. Once she begins explaining why she is no longer fond of her other half, you will understand why she is taking her stand. One thing that really helps connect this track with every listener is the fact that everyone at some point has been in a relationship that they know must come to an end; it just isn't clear how to go about doing it.

Well this song offers several different ways to get your mind off the situation and how to keep busy. Honestly, when a newer artist is releasing music, I would rather hear something that offers more of a slower, heartfelt message, but this song changed that. Corey Wagar hit her mark in every aspect and truly left me wanting more.