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AbbieThurgood Back in Studio


May 23,2013


KWP is thrilled to have Abbie Thurgood back in the studio finishing her debut album project “Flameless Fire”, which is not only the title of a self-penned tune, but aptly describes this free spirited neo-hippy powerhouse who hail’s from Calgary via London calling Nashville “home”! Phew, that’s a mouthful! Abbie and her music are a beautiful weave of brutal honesty and  passion.  She’s unavoidably influenced by her British pop/rock gene pool transplanted in the dark soil of Calgary’s vast and wild prarie lands where life is set to the soundtrack of country music.  As a young teen, Abbie discovered her ability to express herself through melody and prose and has been carving out truth on her rock maple acoustic ever since.  Abbie can be found any night of the week, treating her guitar more like a drum, pounding out chords and revelations wherever stage and mic are found.  This week, however, she’s all ours!  And we’re thrilled to have our girl back in the studio, reminding us of just how much we love what we do!  Keep your ear to the rail for Abbie Thurgood’s single release to radio due out this summer, and if you don’t like hearing the truth?  Shut the radio off.