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Corey Wagar makes a fan of the Nashville Country Club


October 19,2011

On the Edge, Corey Wagar: NCC Review
Posted by: Sara Read
Wagar starts the album on her first single, “Hurricane”. The song showcases her vocal ability and style. “Hurricane” is a fierce song about how she’s like a hurricane, unafraid. Wagar sings, “I know what you might be thinkin’ about my blonde hair and brown eyes… and anything you that you’ve heard, well honey, they ain’t lies.” The song is a great one to start the album on and to have released as her first single.  “Me and My Girls” is about spending time with your girls and about the fun you have when it’s just you and your girls. I like the song and its message, but I could do without the chanting of “G-I-R-L-S”.  Other than that, however, I think it’s a really good, catchy song.  Wagar covers REO Speedwagon’s classic “Take It On The Run” for the fourth track on the album. Wagar does a good job of covering such an iconic song, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do. “Take It On The Run” is really suited to her voice and I like her cover a lot.
“I Hate My Boyfriend” is Wagar’s second single from the album. The song is about being with a guy for a short time and realizing you just really like him too much. She sings of the frustrations she has for her boyfriend “go get a job, go get a friend, go do something because you’re about to blow this.” It’s a song a lot of people can relate to, especially when Wagar sings “I hate my boyfriend, I mean I love him.” It’s a great song and the perfect choice for her second single.
“16th Candle” is another sentimental song on the album. “16th Candle” is about a girl who’s writing her father, who is away off at war, a letter asking him to please come home for her 16th birthday. The song is really unique and sweet and I particularly liked the line, “when I light my 16th candle it’s you I want to see.”  “Wild Side” is about wanting to take her man and make him embrace his wild side. It’s a fun song; it’s just not my favorite. The next track on the album, “Already To Go”, is a really good one. The song is an inspirational one about being ready to go out and face the world and follow your dreams. I like the message “Already To Go” portrays. “No more wishin’, keys in the ignition, I’m already to go,” is a line I think a lot of us could apply to our own lives. Next up Wagar slows it down with “Beautiful Lie”. The song isn’t very country but has the feel of a ballad to it. Towards the end of the song Wagar sings “I’m trying to slow down on these feelings that I feel,” and her voice is very vulnerable and controlled. “Beautiful Lie” is one of the best tracks on the album and I think fans will definitely like it. “Girl Fight” is very upbeat and similar to “Wild Things”, but “Girl Fight” succeeds in doing what “Wild Things” failed to do. Whereas the content of the song lacks any real depth, the melody and lightheartedness pick up the slack. It’s an enjoyable song that you could easily listen to while driving down the road.
“Wishing It Was You” is a really interesting song. When you read the title of the song you immediately think that it’s about her being with someone and wishing it was someone else. However, the song is about how she’s going to fall in love with someone who will be really great and she’ll be really happy and “when I do, you’ll be wishing it was you.” I like the fact that she took that path with the song. It was unexpected and it shows great confidence which I always appreciate in a love song. “Wishing It Was You” is also very catchy and melodic and I think it’s got hit potential.  “Falling Hard For You” is again not quite my cup of tea. The song is noticeably not country and I just don’t think it flows well. Once again, it’s not a bad song, it just doesn’t really hit quite as well as some of the other songs on the album. “Your Girl” is about always being “your girl” no matter where each person’s life goes. It’s a very emotional song, and I like its sentiment. Wagar’s voice sounds really good on it and I think the fiddle on the song really shines. The song doesn’t stand out quite as much as some of the other slower songs on the album but it is definitely a strong song.  Wagar takes you back to high school crushes on “Do”. The song is sung from the perspective of a girl liking the star high school football player and wondering if he likes you back. Wagar sings, “Do you feel the way I do when I get close to you?” I like the song a lot and I find it to be quite cute. I think between its content and the catchiness of the song that fans will definitely like this song a lot.  “Story Ends” ends the album and it’s another empowered song. “Story Ends” is about proudly walking away from a relationship that’s just no good. The song is really fun and lighthearted and it’s a great way to end the album.