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Our Good Friend Jim Salestrom Releases a New Album!


March 22,2012

Jim Salestrom is excited to announce his new record Nautilus!

In 2011, Dolly Parton toured the world and Jim was thrilled to join her band once again. During the same time, Jim received a request from noted scientist / explorer / oceanographer, Dr Robert Ballard, to write a song about EV Nautilus, the research exploration vessel, which has been featured on many National Geographic series. The ship and her "Corps of Discovery Explorers" unravel the wonders of science and engineering as they travel the world and map the oceans. Jim's new CD, Nautilus has 11 songs including "originals" by Jim, "Calypso" by John Denver, and a re-make 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea song "A Whale of a Tale" The album was recorded at legendary Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville TN with Dolly Parton's Band and Dolly's producer Kent Wells. The CD is for all ages and the songs are inspired by the scientist's passion to learn more.... the quest for knowledge about engineering, science, and oceanographic studies.

"This is the culmination of a lifetime of songwriting and singing and I think it captures the joy of sharing this great adventure with all of you" ~Jim Salestrom
Please visit www.jimsalestrom.com to learn about the EV Nautilus, the Corps of Exploration's mission, read the lyrics and order the Nautilus CD!