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Kent Wells Productions Has Moved to a New Studio!


April 30,2012

     Kent Wells Productions is moving!!!!! After a wonderful 3 year tenure at Sound Kitchen we have been blessed with the opportunity to relocate into our own private studio, just down the street from Sound Kitchen  in the heart of Cool Springs. It has been a crazy month but we've finally settled into a really incredible space and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Kent Wells Productions Studios has a state of the art tracking room and control room, with an incredible vibe and tons of vintage microphones and outboard gear. We also have a state of the art mix room under construction as we speak! It's going to be all the same great people and experience, with a whole new set of opportunities for everybody involved with Kent Wells Productions. We are all really excited about this move and the future here at KWP, newly located at 130 SEABOARD LANE, Franklin, Tennessee!  We will be posting photos and a full description of our new facility here on our site soon so be watching for that! Or, if you live in the Nashville Metro area, please stop in and say hey next time you are out in the Cool Springs area!