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Getting Settled Into KWP Studios


May 29,2012

The paint has dried and we're really getting settled in here at KWP Studios, and it's going great! It's taken no time at all for us to get comfortable in our new place. All of the artists and studio musicians we have had come through love the place and the vibe we have at KWP Studios. It's turning out to be a serious music making facility, with a laid back feel and attitude that everyone can't get enough of. Our second in house mix engineer, Jason Hall of JHall Productions, is on the final stretch of finishing up his world class mixing room by design company Northward Acoustics based out of Brussels, Belgium. We have the first Northward acoustics mixing room in Nashville, and one of the first few in North America! Come on down at anytime and check out KWP Studios at 130 Seaboard lane, Franklin TN. We're open all the time!