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Tracking Tracy DeLucia!


June 19,2012

Today we are tracking a new artist named Tracy DeLucia from Hudson Valley New York. She has a fantastic style with a ton of attitude, we’re all really excited to see how our project today turns out!


Here’s a little bit about Tracy from her website:

     Country singer/songwriter Tracy De Lucia hails from New York’s Hudson Valley but speaks to country fans from all parts of America with her relatable lyrics and accessible vocal style. WTBQ DJ and Radio Personality Frank Fornario remarks,” Tracy is a vocal powerhouse whose songwriting skills match her singing abilities. She makes her music come to life in concert with infectious energy and her pure joy in performing for a live crowd. On CD or in person, Tracy is not to be missed."


Check out her website, tracydelucia.com, to learn a little bit more about Tracy DeLucia and her music. We’ll also be putting up a video of her tracking session on our YouTube page later today!