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Review of Jordan Anderson's New Album "Key to my Heart"


July 10,2012

Review of Jordan Anderson’s new album “Key to my Heart”!



With catchy lyrics and soaring melodies, country sweetheart Jordan Anderson is cementing her path in the music industry and fulfilling her lifelong dream of sharing her love of country music with the world.  With the natural ability to put feelings into song, Jordan perfectly captures the easy-going and carefree nature of teens and young adults.  Her debut album Key to My Heart, set to be released Tuesday, August 14th , is sure to sparkle through the speakers, leaving listeners singing along to every word.  


Born in the farm-town of Loveland, Colorado, where she lived for ten years before moving to Florida with her family, this country songstress was born with the desire to sing.  Her passion for performing first blossomed at the tender age of three, and since then Jordan has stayed involved with all things music.  With years of piano and guitar playing under her belt, Jordan lives for the opportunity to perform.  “Nothing beats seeing the smiles on people’s faces and the adrenaline that comes from performing,” says Jordan.  “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but up on that stage”. 


Proving she’s more than just smooth vocals and a pretty face, Jordan wrote or co-wrote each of the twelve songs featured on Key to My Heart. With songs like “Lost in Love” buzzing about romance to inspiring anthems like “Dance in the Rain”, she channels the feisty fun of Shania Twain and the honesty and inspiration of Martina McBride. 


With the ability to paint feelings with lyrics and melodies that bring listeners of all ages back to the moment of their first love, it’s hard to imagine that this heartfelt songwriter is still a college student.  Currently a sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville, this lively gal is learning how to balance the demands of a college curriculum, being a teenager and pursuing a music career.  At just nineteen years old, this songbird is poised to take the country world by storm, showing what a lot of hard work, determination and faith can do.