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Jordan Anderson interviewed by CoCo/Kouture


September 24,2012

Jordan Anderson was recently interviewed by popular music website CoCo/Kouture’s “Weekly Music Report” about her new album “Key to My Heart”. CoCo/Kouture is a highly regarded music publication in Nashville!  Here is a quote from the article about Jordan and her Newest album.

“Ask Nashville, Tennessee teenager Jordan Anderson what her life’s dream is and she’ll respond without hesitation. She wants to be a famous musician and a career in music has always been her ultimate goal. Luckily for this country pop-star in the making, she received some A+ advice that helped her make her make the musical grade: “Always stay true to who [you are] as an artist and as a person. The audience will always know when you’re a phony!” Rest assured, Anderson is no faker! The 19-year-old brunette released her debut album, Key To My Heart, on August 14th, 2012 and is forging the way for a bright future in the country music genre.”

Read the Full article here, also check out Jordan Anderson's website and her Twitter account for all of the most recent news on Jordan!