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Carrie Zaruba Joins Up With All Natural Make-Up Company PULP!!


January 11,2013


Sultry songstress Carrie Zaruba found a natural alliance with hip new cosmetics company PULP. PULP is an all natural, high quality yet affordable, make up and skin care line, and Carrie Zaruba is the new face of their product line!  

“I’m a skincare junkie and as soon as I heard about the new line by PULP, I had to try it and now I’m in love! It is right up my alley and it’s time everyone else experiences it too.”  Carrie Zaruba

With Carrie’s all-natural, confidence and energy look, there’s no denying why she is now the new face of PULP. “Carrie has such a wonderful voice,” says Jewels, Co-Owner of PULP. “She is fresh, modern and expresses her individuality extremely well and we can’t be more excited for this partnership.”

You can read the full article on Music Industry News Network, Music news Nashville, Country Club Music, and Digital Rodeo!  Congratulations Carrie!

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