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There's no stopping this "Woman on a Mission"


January 21,2013

Carrie Zaruba is backing her "Woman on a Mission" single with a radio tour and leaving them "droolin' for more"!!!  Check out these comments from DJ's who are spinning her single and enjoying spending time on the air with this witty and sultry songstress!!!  There's no stopping this woman on a mission!!!

Carrie is a nice young lady with a promising future, she had our old DJ Bill Massey drooling all over himself.                                                                      

* Missie Haislip – WJJM, Lewisburg, TN


I am very impressed with Carrie, we need more like her!  Carrie is such a delight and I'm sure the future holds many good opportunities for her.  Her personality and talent is an awesome collaboration.

                                                                        * Kevin Whorton – WLAY – Tuscumbia, AL


I was very impressed with Carrie’s writing, and vocals. She gets an A+!!!!

                                                                        *Cubby – WKGA – Alexander City, AL


Carrie impressed the heck out of us!!!  She has a great voice and we love the single!  Her live performance was awesome and she's got a great personality!  

                                                                        *Kelly Green – WEIO – Huntingdon, TN


Carrie is a talented new artist with a gift for songwriting. On top of that, she has a beautiful voice, and is very passionate and enthusiastic about her craft. Our listeners are sure to love her.

                                                                        *Polly Wogg – WOGY – Jackson, TN